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Photo Courtesy of Lily Rose Photography


Photo Courtesy of Grace Kelly Photographs

Hi, I'm Cammie!

I love weddings.  Coordinating weddings, for me, is truly fulfilling work.  It is a really special and unique thing to be invited into one of the most intimate days of peoples’ lives and it feels like an honor to me every single time.  I get to see the “Day 1” of new families being created, to be present for the first day of their new life.  Some people hear I coordinate weddings and say, “Oh my goodness, I don’t know how you do that. That sounds so stressful!”  While it can be stressful, it is also full of joy and full of hopes and dreams.  I enjoy handling that stress, as my experience and training have taught me to do, so that my couples AND their families can truly enjoy one of the most momentous days of their lives with all their closest friends and family surrounding them.  To me, that’s what it’s really about!


My Approach

I have no ego when it comes to my work.  I want what my couples want for their day, and that isn’t the same for everyone.  With each of my clients, I start out by finding out what are the most important pieces to their wedding for them…is it having an off-the-hook dance party, is it having a menu that is a foodie’s dream, is it staying strictly on budget, is it making sure that there is plenty of time for them to visit with their guests, are the photos the top priority, are the look and décor details of the most importance?  This allows me to see what they see and want for their day and helps me guide them in decisions when it comes to their timeline (great, we will make sure that we alot plenty of time for photos!), vendors (since you have a clear vision of how you want things to look, this florist is going to be the best fit for you), and budget selection (cake is a lower priority for you, so I’m going to steer you toward these more modestly priced bakers to leave plenty of room in your budget for that amazing photographer your heart is set on.)

I love the signature comfortable, yet classy feel of wine country events and feel so blessed to live and work in this corner of the world!

My Background

I am Sonoma County born and raised.  My husband of 14 years and I have four adorable little ones, and our fifth baby has been our shared business, Shuffle’s Magical Ice Cream Shoppe in downtown Santa Rosa, where we married his talent as a professional magician (yes, I married a magician!) and mine as an event coordinator into a unique business where we made our own ice cream, hosted magic shows, parties and events for kids and big kids alike.  At the end of 2018, we decided to close this business, allowing me to go back to coordinating and planning weddings full time, which I am so grateful for!


My beginning with weddings started when I was 19.  I was about to return home from a year abroad living in Milan, Italy and an opportunity presented itself (thanks to my big brother, who is a wedding DJ and owner of Premier Productions) and I was offered a job as a coordinator-in-training to a growing company, which also produces The Wedding Expo, Sonoma County's largest bridal show.  In my time there, I ran a vendor referral program, connecting couples with local wedding vendors that would fit their budget and style for their wedding.  This allowed me to become very familiar with the local wedding vendors, their products and services.  Many of these brides, after working with me to find their wedding vendors, hired me to more extensively plan and coordinate their weddings.  I did everything from Day-of coordination to 120-person destination wedding weekends, working all over Sonoma and Napa counties.  For a few years, I also managed a wedding venue owned by my Wedding Expo/Wine Country Bride partners, acting as both coordinator and catering captain, which gave me a lot of experience on the event flow and catering side and ultimately has made me a much better coordinator for understanding better how that catering piece to the puzzle works most successfully. Our company also produced the Wedding Expo, the largest bridal show in Sonoma County, which hosts about 120-140 vendors with about 1200 people coming to plan their weddings.  This gave me the best foundation for event planning, as you can imagine the detail and organization required to produce such an event successfully!

I took a step back to start our family and in that time, kept my fingers in the industry working for several years subcontracting out for other coordinators through their companies when they were already booked on a date.  After a steady increase in referrals from past clients, friends, and my industry colleagues, I am happy to be back to doing what I love full-time with

my own company, Cambria Events. 

***You can see more info on my hubby's magical talents here!

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